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Tips & Care of Prints HEADING_TITLE

Hanging Fine Art Horse Racing Prints

It is best to hang framed art prints or box canvas prints at eye level - somewhere between standing and sitting eye level - pictures hung too high mean you have to crane your neck to see them and can leave you feeling very small.

Whilst a large or bold picture can command an empty wall, a small picture hung on an empty wall can seem lost.  It is better to place a picture above a focal point or feature in the room such as a piece of furniture or a fireplace, to create a relationship between the picture and the room.

Be careful where you hang your picture.  Avoid hanging pictures above radiators or directly opposite large windows in direct sunlight - sunlight fades colours and discolours paper and rapid changes or extremes of temperature cause paper and wood to warp and dry out.  Try to avoid hanging or storing pictures in damp or humid conditions, as this will fade watercolours and encourage fungal growth that will eventually show as brown stains.

When hanging a group of pictures, the prints should ideally have a common theme - subject, style, or predominant colour - and each should be mounted and framed in a similar fashion.  Prints should be spaced evenly and in rows so that their sides line up.  With pictures of different sizes, aligning the top edges improves the display.

If you hang all your framed prints or canvas prints in the same position the display can be boring; try hanging one or two off-centre to create interest.  Differently shaped pictures can look neater in two rows with their top edges horizontal.  If in doubt, try arranging them on a flat surface or the floor first to get overall design layout.

Always hang your picture securely: use two hooks on the wall, each set about a quarter of the way in from the side.  The hooks or hangars we supply should hold the weight of the frame and weight under normal use.  Ii you are in doubt, or when safety is critical, we recommend you seek professional advice.

Care of Framed Horse Racing Prints

When cleaning your framed prints, never use glass cleaner on Perspex/acrylic as this will scratch the surface; it is best simply to use a soft cloth.  Dust frames or treat with a soft brush, rather than applying water or cleaning fluids.
Always handle your pictures with care.  When carrying and transporting a picture, never pick up frames by one side - grasp the frame firmly on both sides.

If you have to store pictures or stack pictures, stand them vertically 'glass to glass' so that the hangers do not touch or damage the frame or glass.

Care of Canvas Horse Racing Prints

Firstly, never use any cleaning fluids on the surface of your canvas print.

Dust - Try not to touch the surface of the canvas directly - instead, blow the dust off the surface. If the dust remains, try to brush it off as gently as possible with a duster.

Light – Our canvas prints are produced with UV inks, which will mean that the print is lightfast for 75 years or more. If you are in any doubt, avoid leaving the canvas print in direct sunlight and contact us.

Humidity – it is recommended that you try to avoid exposing canvas prints to extreme humidity.  Avoid hanging canvas prints in places such as cellars or attics, where the humidity may affect the frame. If the canvas appears damp, move the canvas print to another location.

Heat – Our box canvas prints are mounted on wooden frames, so try to avoid exposing the print to extreme temperatures.  Tyr to avoid hanging canvas prints above radiators or fireplaces.

Outdoor use – As our canvas prints are coated with a waterproof lacquer it is possible to display them outdoors, but remember the guidance about heat and humidity.